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28-10-2019 Thermoplastic composites workshop 20 november 2019 - Utrecht

Call for participation: Program on integration and assembly of thermoplastic composites, 20 November, Utrecht

M2I zal gastspreker zijn op de workshop ENGLIGHTEN in het kader van het voorstel voor NWO Perspectief Programma P19-01-ENLIGTEN, ronde 2019-2020.

ENLIGHTEN staat voor Enabling Integrated Lightweight Structures In High Volumes

  • Met name voor leden NRK PVT is het interessant deze workshop op 20 november in Utrecht te bezoeken.

Hieronder de tekst in het Engels

Thermoplastic composites (TPCs) are on the verge of unprecedented growth in structural applications in the aerospace sector likely to be followed by high volume automotive applications. While the manufacturing of individual parts is at a proper level of maturity, the integration and assembly of these parts is far less well developed. This urgently calls for rapid technology development in fusion bonding. This program will establish the principles for advanced assembly and integration manufacturing methods of TPC’s. (See the appendix for more information on the first ideas).

Interested parties 
We seek for parties that play a role in development and/or application of thermoplastic composites and that are potentially interested to join this initiative. Currently interested are, among others: UT, TUD, TU/e, BMC and TPRC.

NWO Perspectief call 2019/2020  
At least 3 academic partners, 4 industrial partners, max. 4MEuro project size, 15% in-cash.

Deadline: Program design to be submitted by December 3rd, 2019, 14.00 CET 
Full proposal in May 2020

Our Next Step 

  • Workshop, Wednesday November 20th, 14:00 - 16:00h,
  • The Green House, Croeselaan 16, 3521CA Utrecht

You are most welcome to participate!
Registration can be done by sending an e-mail to M2i Office 

Bijgaand het Perspectief Programme 2019-2020 - ENLIGHTEN - Enabling Integrated Lightweight Structures In High Volumes